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She has a vision of what her business means for her life. She works tirelessly to help others reach their potential. She’s quick to praise and this is so refreshing after a “job” where praise may arrive in the annual appraisal.

Sue shares her focus and inspires me by providing support when needed. She also can laugh with me at the mistakes I’ve made which is a great way to learn from them. Honesty and integrity are her values which I respect. If she says she’ll do something, she does it. Great mentor and supporter. Thank you Sue.” 

Fiona Blackmore

“I started my journey at the end of 2007 with no idea of what Network Marketing even was! But I trusted the person who introduced me to take a look.

I had no business experience and had spent the previous 20 years fundraising for the charity sector and spent seven years counselling for the free phone helpline ChildLine.

Simply by duplicating the successful people who had gone before me in the industry, I’ve built an incredible business over nine years.

Together with my husband Bill, we have formed a business entity and I love the fact that the work we do together today will benefit our three children and their families in the future.

I’ve realised that there is nothing that can stop you in this business apart from your own comfort zones. Through learning simple techniques, my fear of public speaking has now become a passion.

I’ve had more fun than ever – am working with people I love, including my daughter and my husband – and I’ve built a six figure income at the same time.

It’s exciting watching a business you care about change the lives of people you love. And because this business is so flexible, I can now spend more time with my grandchildren – my other passion!”

Caroline McFarlan

Business owner


“I started my journey in 2008. I had always wanted my own business…. I had just graduated from university with a business degree when I was told me about the products. I was initially excited about the prospect of being a business owner, then asked ‘What if it doesn’t work?’ instead of ‘What if it does?’.

I watched from the side-lines for a year before I jumped in and started my business alongside a full-time Marketing job. I’ve never looked back.

I now work only for myself, choose who I work with and when I work. When we have our family, I can spend time being a mum without worrying about going back to work.”

Meg McLean

Business owner

What People Say About The Products We Base Our Business On


“I’ve known Sue for a couple of years now and really wish I had taken the trial of the products earlier as my skin started to clear and then glow within a few days. I got a couple of items to start with and then a few more a few weeks later.

I’m a bit lazy to be honest but seeing the effects of this range makes me keep using them daily. And you don’t need much product at all so they last for ages!”

Sue Crooks

Owner, SJC Marketing Ltd

“I was very reluctant to change my skincare regime. Sue gently persuaded me to give it a try and on the basis her skin looked amazing I threw caution to the wind and agreed to test the products. This was over two years ago and I am a total convert. My skin has never looked better and it is so easy to use the products. Takes about two minutes morning and night. Seriously! Whenever I am running out I send Sue a one line text and the turnaround time is very quick. Sue is professional, organised and not pushy. Highly recommend”

Maria Moore

Business owner, Moore Motoring Law

“Thought I’d share my fantastic experience with Arbonne and the lovely Sue. Sue has been terrific – so friendly and knowledgeable. She’s given me great advice about the products and it has made a tremendous difference. Her positivity is infectious and you can’t help but smile in her company. I love having Sue as my Arbonne consultant – keeps me up to date with new product releases, special offers and keeps an eye out for things that might suit me better! All in all, first class service – one of the main reasons that I’ve stuck with Arbonne. Thank you, Sue Godfrey”

Leonie Brown

Business Owner, Leonie Brown Garden Design

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“When I was having problems with energy and hydration during exercise Sue introduced me to some of the products. They’ve helped so much more than other products I’ve tried. Phytosport Complete Hydration has beaten everything else hands down for keeping me well hydrated during my long runs, even on hot days, and the nutrition bars I can manage to eat while I run, and they suit my sensitive tummy, too.”

Rosemary Lux

APS Legal Leicestershire

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