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What is the investment needed to start my business?

How much time do I need to start my online business? 

How many people do I need to know to be successful?

What has this business done for you?

It’s given me choices about when I work and who I work with. I love being in charge of my own diary and alarm clock.

This business has given me total flexibility in my life and made it possible for me to travel when I want to. It’s an online business which continues to grow whether I’m on holiday or not. I like working with like-minded, positive people with the same values and ethics. Individuals who want to make a difference to others and want to have fun at the same time. I’m a different person to when I started this business.

It’s allowed me to work on becoming the best version of me.

What can I expect it to do for me?

It depends what you want it from it.

We have people who’ve been able to retire from corporate life. People who want to supplement their pensions, mums and dads who want to be at home to see their children growing up. Or people who want to make a huge difference to charitable organisations.

The possibilities are endless.

What are the skills needed to be an ideal independent Arbonne consultant?

There really aren’t any skills needed before starting a business – they can all be learnt as you go along. People who are coachable, will follow a successful system, have a good work ethic, a sense of humour and want to help others are the type of people I’d like to work with as business partners.

How many hours a week do I need to do this business?

That’s totally up to the individual. As it’s an effort-based business it really depends on what you want out of it. Most people work this business around other commitments such as full-time jobs, another business, family, young children or all of them! It works around your commitments and can be fitted in to the pockets of time that can be carved out in your week. I usually say that 5-10 hours a week is a good starting point.

What is the investment needed to start a business?

It’s £30 to register as an Independent Consultant (IC). That gives you a website, support from Head Office, marketing materials and a 35-50% discount on all products for a year. Also, there’s the Mercedes Benz Car milestone, incentive travel trips and Tiffany gifts available to those who progress their business to a certain level.

In addition, we recommend that you invest in some products for personal use (become a product of the product) and some business tools. These are products that can be trialled for 3-4 days by a prospect. These business tools are like staff members and work in peoples’ homes whilst We’re doing other things. The size of investment is up to the individual and how quickly they want to progress. I decided I wanted a range of the products so that I could let as many people as possible sample them. My investment was the cost of a good laptop.

How do I get paid?

There are several ways we get paid.

Firstly, every time a client buys a product online through your personal website you’re paid a commission for the sale.

As they are consumable, personal care products such as skincare, cosmetics and nutrition products, they will run out. Repeat orders through your website mean that you get paid every time, not just the once. This is called building a residual income.

Secondly, when we introduce people who want to build a business with us, we also receive an override on the sales they make. This is known as time leverage. For example, if I introduce four people who become independent consultants and business partners, I will receive an override on the clients and business partners they introduce. So instead of me working 10 hours each week, I have five people working 10 hours per week.

There are also bonuses paid for personally building your business and the cash bonus for the Mercedes Benz programme.

Is it a pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not. They’re illegal. I certainly wouldn’t be involved in anything that didn’t match my values and ethics. Think about a corporate structure. It has a chief executive officer (CEO) at the top who time leverages off the senior managers, junior managers and then workers. What chance do the workers have to become the chief executive? Extremely slim! However, with this business it’s the opposite. We all start at the same point and as it’s effort based, if I work my business harder than the person that introduced me, I will earn more. That is a total level playing field and fair. Plus the fact that there’s no cap to your earnings potential.

Do you have to meet monthly targets?

It’s your business so it’s up to you to set your own goals or targets. All that is required is that a small amount of product goes through your business every month to receive your commission, stay in qualification for the next level of management and for incentive trips. This can come from personal orders and/or client orders.

Do you have a geographical area or territory that you work in?

No, we can talk to anyone who is based in a country where we do business. Currently we have markets in six countries, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Poland and New Zealand. We are planning to expand further in the near future – exciting times!

What sort of person does this business?

Everyone can do this business! This business tends to attract professional people, women and men. Currently there are doctors, PR professionals, corporate and financial business women, teachers, stay at home mums, self-employed business owners among many others. All have chosen to start a business as a plan B, to create an additional income stream, more time for family and friends and create a lifestyle of their choice.

What if I don’t know enough people?

I asked that question and realised that I only need to know a few people, who know a few people. I also realised that I needed to expand my existing network and to meet new people too. We meet people every day, through business networking, hobbies, social media so there’s plenty of ways to extend your network.

What sort of training would I receive?

When you’ve registered, I would become your business partner. I would coach, train and mentor you through an easy to follow process that will give you a great start. Although you’re in business for yourself, you’re not by yourself. Trainings are done in person or via zoom/online and we hold weekly conference calls, monthly trainings, an annual UK conference in September and a global conference in Las Vegas every year.

These are optional though recommended as it’s about personal self-development as much as learning about the business.

Does this business work?

It does if you work it! There are no guarantees – it’s always down to the individual as it’s effort based. However, if people look at this as a part-time, flexible income opportunity that requires consistent not constant effort, over time it will be successful. Anything worthwhile takes time. I usually describe it as a marathon rather than a sprint. It also depends what each person wants out of it. For me it was always to get to the top level of management by helping as many people achieve their goals, whether it be to have a healthier lifestyle and /or help thousands of people to do the same.**

**There are no guarantees. Results are different for everyone. Annual typical earning statement available at**

Does this business give back to others?

Absolutely! This is one of the many things that attracted me to this business. We have a charitable foundation which supports disadvantaged teens (boys and girls) to gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

Many consultants also choose to support a charity of their choice too. Orphanages, bursaries and villages affected by natural disasters are just some of the causes which have been supported by independent consultants.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes

– then learn how to do it later!”
Richard Branson

If she says she’ll do something, she does it. She’s a great mentor and supporter. Thank you Sue.

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Sue has been amazing and supported me every step of the way.

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