How to be an excellent business networker

Does networking excite you or put the fear into you? Does walking into a room with people you don’t know by yourself excite you or scare you? In this blog I’ll share how to be an excellent business networker. Many people, especially women, know they need to...

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Five ways to overcome a challenging day

Have you ever had one of those days? A day when whatever you do or whatever you touch doesn’t work out as you had planned? Frustration kicks in and it’s easy to drag yourself downwards on a spiral. Then the chimp or monkey sitting on your shoulder kicks in saying...

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5 tips to have a healthy skin and look younger

As I get older I’ve realised that my skin is altering whether I like it or not! Fine lines, little wrinkles and age spots have appeared as well as my skin losing some firmness. The ageing process! Almost every woman (and many men too!) I meet tell me that they want to...

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12 Ways To Survive And Enjoy Christmas

Do you dread the thought of Christmas? Does it send you into a sweat, does your heart rate increase, do you feel stressed or even depressed? If that’s you then read on and find out my 12 ways to survive and enjoy Christmas. I believe that Christmas has become over...

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Why it’s important to clean your makeup brushes regularly

Why it’s important to clean your makeup brushes regularly So often we’re in a constant rush to get out of the house, off to work or a meeting, doing the shopping, looking after the kids. Yet most women wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without at least wearing some...

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Why looking after our bodies is so important

The last couple of weeks I’ve been grounded. During this time I’ve learned a valuable and key lesson – I need to look after my body and share why looking after our bodies is so important. Having enjoyed three enjoyable games of golf in four days my knee shouted...

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