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How to be an excellent business networker

Does networking excite you or put the fear into you? Does walking into a room with people you don’t know by yourself excite you or scare you? In this blog I’ll share how to be an excellent business networker.

Many people, especially women, know they need to business network and meet other business people, only the thought of it turns them cold.

It starts before they even arrive. Where is the venue, is it easy to find, is there onsite parking? All these questions can add to stress levels ahead of the event.

I’ve just returned from a networking event at the beautiful Prestwold Hall near Loughborough in Leicestershire. 70 women attended the Love Ladies Business Group Summer event. Many people I knew but there were guests who I had not met before.


When entering a room at an event it’s very easy to speak to people that you already know. However, is it the right move?

To be an excellent networker it’s important to make everyone feel welcome. New attendees who may be visiting the group for the first time need to feel welcomed and introduced to people that they may have a connection with.
If I’m at an event and I see guests standing on their own or speaking to each other I always introduce myself and ask them questions. The saying ‘Be interested and interesting’ is a good one to follow.

The power of asking open questions can open up so many avenues for both parties and build the know, like, trust relationship.
Building relationships is key to everything including building our business.

Four tips for being an excellent networker:

  1. When arriving at an event look around the room and see who is on their own. Go and say hello, you will make a difference to someone and be remembered
  2. Be interested and interesting. Use open questions and genuinely listen to the answer
  3. Introduce people who may well have a connection – be proactive
  4. Relax, smile, and enjoy. Successful networking is about consistency and being genuine and authentic.

For more information on how to be a good networker read my older blog post here. Happy Business Networking!

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