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Five ways to overcome a challenging day

Have you ever had one of those days? A day when whatever you do or whatever you touch doesn’t work out as you had planned? Frustration kicks in and it’s easy to drag yourself downwards on a spiral. Then the chimp or monkey sitting on your shoulder kicks in saying things like “You don’t deserve success’’ or “You’re not good enough!”.

I would say that I’m normally a positive person and yet the last week has been a challenge. I’ve felt and looked like this fella – grumpy!

Reflecting on it I have realised that I’ve let a few ‘things’ get to me. The unpredictable British summer weather, being in pain and unable to walk or play golf due to an ankle injury that is taking its time to heal, and general ‘stuff’ that happens to us all. Normally I would shake this all off quickly only the combination of irritants can add up to a pity party!

So what did I do? Yes I had my pity party but kept it short and sweet. I rationalised how I felt and appreciated why I felt that way. I implemented my top tips and changed my mood and mindset.

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Here are my top 5 tips I used to overcome a challenging day

1. Made a decision and had a word with myself! Mindset is key so accept that you’re feeling sorry for yourself, be kind to yourself and change your mindset

2. Do something different. Take a walk, get some fresh air or change the scenery

3. Surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up and support you

4. Play some uplifting or favourite music to change your vibe

5. Check your energy levels and what you’re eating. Nutrition and good gut health will make you feel and look healthy and have more energy


So if you ever feel like my friend try my top tips and if you’d like more information or help then do contact me

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