12 Ways to Survive and Enjoy Christmas

12 Ways To Survive And Enjoy Christmas

Do you dread the thought of Christmas? Does it send you into a sweat, does your heart rate increase, do you feel stressed or even depressed? If that’s you then read on and find out my 12 ways to survive and enjoy Christmas.

I believe that Christmas has become over commercialised and when I see Christmas lights appearing in high street shops in August and September it really is too much!

For many people this time of year can be a huge challenge and often a chore rather than a time to relax in the company of family and friends.

Here’s my 12 ways to survive and enjoy the Christmas holiday.

1. Planning is key

Decide when you’re going to start your preparations. Give yourself enough time.

2. Keep control of your budget

Write a list of people you want to buy gifts for, the food you will buy and decide on a budget that you can afford.

3. Sending Festive wishes

Christmas cards, New Year cards, electronic cards or nothing? If it involves using the Royal Mail, find out when the last days for posting are and take advantage of second class postage. Put aside an afternoon or evening to write cards. Consider sending New Year cards instead which gives you more time. New Year cards also tend to have a longer shelf life after twelfth night and sets you apart from other people.

12 Ways to Survive and Enjoy Christmas

4. Let the internet help you shop

More people are using the internet than ever before to do their shopping. Avoid the stress of travelling, parking the car and time taken to browse shops for that special gift. Online shipping means that you can shop from home when you want to, 24/7 and have the gifts delivered to your door.

12 Ways to Survive and Enjoy Christmas

5. Take some exercise

Build in some exercise during the festive period. The body is designed to move and releases the happy hormone so whether it’s a walk, yoga, swim or game of golf exercise is therapeutic.

12 Ways to Survive and Enjoy Christmas

6. Have some fresh air

Feel invigorated by getting some fresh air and natural light! Warm houses can be stifling and a breeder of germs so fresh air and natural light will give you a greater sense of wellbeing.

12 Ways to Survive and Enjoy Christmas

7. Watch what you eat!

Festive food is known to be heavy on the stomach if you let it! The average Christmas dinner with turkey, trimmings and Christmas pudding can be over 6,000 calories, that’s three times the average intake for a woman! Consider smaller portions and healthier choices.

12 Ways to Survive and Enjoy Christmas

8. Drink alcohol in moderation

Help your liver and be mindful of your alcohol intake. A one day celebration is fine only if it’s every day for a week or more then you’ll start to see the effects. Blotchy skin, redness, sore head and irritability are common after a prolonged drinking period.

12 Ways to Survive and Enjoy Christmas

9. Stay hydrated

Plenty of water will help to clear the head, hydrate the body and dilute the alcohol. The average water intake should be 2-3 litres a day. I highly recommend Arbonne’s Complete Hydration which I’ve found also helps with illness.

10. Have some ‘me’ time

Often when staying with family or friends it’s rare to get any time to yourself. Walking the dog or spending even a short time reading or listening to music will help your overall enjoyment of the festive holiday.

11. Sleep is key

Having a good night’s sleep is vital to survive the Christmas holiday period. By the time Christmas arrives we are often stressed, tired and ready for a break. Use the time to catch up on some sleep and give the body time to recuperate!

12. Have a break from work and your phone!

Give yourself a break and turn off the phone for parts of the day at least. It is so liberating! Be in the present and enjoy the company.

And finally, for my survival recommendations visit my website:

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12 Ways to Survive and Enjoy Christmas

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