How to eat clean, be healthier and lose weight.

How to eat clean, be healthier and lose weight. My personal story.

Thirty days ago I decided that I needed to do something and make a change. I’d allowed myself to fall into poor eating habits. The processed evening meals on a regular basis, cakes in the afternoon, lattes every meeting, snacking on sweets and crisps. At first I didn’t seem to matter but then it began to show. The accumulation of all these ‘little naughties’ catching up with me, the compound effect. They showed not only on the scales but also my clothes feeling tighter, feeling sluggish, lacking in energy and disturbed sleep. I realised I had to take action! My friend Marney had shared her story on social media and that was it. I was inspired! So here’s how to eat clean, be healthier and lose weight.

How to eat clean, be healthier and lose weight.

Most women over 40 go on some sort of diet, whether it’s calorie counting, sin counting or starving themselves part of the week. Although they may see results to start with, I’m not one for a quick fix. For me it was about creating new healthier habits that would last beyond the 30 day plan. As it takes 30 days to create a habit that will continue beyond, it’s rare to see people who continue to keep their weight off once they stop dieting. They usually put all their weight back on once they go back to their old ways.

So here’s my personal story of eating clean and healthy living for 30 days, challenges included!

First of all I decided what my goals were – lose weight (around 5kg), lose inches (centimetres to others!), eat clean and detox my system by creating healthier lasting habits.

Next I took my measurements, took before photos (which was painful as the camera never lies!). I emptied the fridge and shelves of food that could tempt me such as frozen dinners, packaged food, bread, cereal, white rice, pasta, milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt. This is because the plan recommends elimination of non-healthy ingredients such as wheat/gluten, dairy, refined sugar, milk and alcohol.

The planning part was essential. Next it was time to restock with healthy ingredients and clean foods such as brown rice, quinoa, almond milk, coconut milk, nuts and pulses. I used locally grown fruits and veggies and free range meats such as turkey and chicken and oily fish such as tuna and salmon.  I made sure I wasn’t hungry when I went to do this shopping!

I also made sure I had Arbonne Nutrition products, a plant powered nutrition range to support me on my healthy living journey. Breakfast consisted a lemon and ginger tea and a meal replacement shake. This consisted of 20 grams of vegan protein blended with frozen berries, soluble fibre boost and a Greens Balance powder and topped up with almond milk and whisked in the Nutri bullet. The shake kept me satisfied all morning.

Snacks have always been a challenge for me. Replacing the biscuits with some nuts, berries or protein bar satisfied any hunger and helped to keep my sugar levels even.

How to eat clean, be healthier and lose weight.

Lunches meant no sandwiches or bread! I replaced them with a salad with tuna or chicken, avoiding the mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar. I introduced rice cakes and virgin oil.

The plan is all about making healthier choices. Dinner consisted of a healthy meal. Sweet potato instead of potatoes, fish, turkey and chicken with brown rice and plenty of vegetables meant that I didn’t feel I was depriving myself. Making time to cook from fresh with coconut oil and using the many varied recipes provided helped me to get into a routine.

How to eat clean, be healthier and lose weight.

Drinks consisted of teas such as Peppermint Tea, Herbal Teas and Arbonne’s Energy Fizz Sticks and sugar was replaced by Stevia, avoiding any artificial sweeteners.

Did I have wobbles? Yes of course! But the facebook group provided plenty of encouragement, support and recipe ideas.

I completed the plan successfully and recorded my feedback. Take a look at the video here.

I’ll be repeating the 30 day Healthy Living challenge soon, if you’re interested in joining me on it then message me.


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