Positive mindset

How best to deal with life’s challenges with a positive mindset

How best to deal with life’s challenges with a positive mindset

Life is a rollercoaster – full of ups and downs. We can never predict when an up or a down will hit us so here’s how best to deal with life’s challenges.

Currently I’m driving a wonderful little Peugeot which has been a reliable car.

Last week I walked up to the car which was parked on the drive overnight. I was off to play golf and my tee-time meant I had an hour to spare. As I approached the car, named Pretty after her colour, I noticed that one of the tyres was low. I was not going anywhere that morning.

I called my golf partner and asked her for a lift to the golf club. So far so good. I then called the RAC. Fortunately I had invested in the home start option and asked them to come out. I was expecting the tyre to be easily repaired so that I could be on my way the next day. Expectations and reality don’t always match!

Off I went to golf and on my return there was some good news and not so good news. The RAC had been to change Pretty’s punctured tyre for the spare one. He explained that a large screw had punctured the tyre wall in a place that meant that it couldn’t be repaired. Road safety is an area where I will never compromise!

The following morning, I rearranged my schedule and I drove into town to get the tyre sorted. The RAC man was right – a new tyre was needed. However, there was more unpalatable news. Pretty needed not one but three new tyres! With an MOT coming up soon and road safety vital this was an easy decision – three new tyres were fitted there and then.

So suddenly, from an expected bill of £10 for a puncture repair, I was looking at a £250 bill!

How did I react to this? I could have chosen to be angry and feel very sorry for myself. However, I chose to take the opposite view – although a surprise I felt fortunate that the puncture had happened at home rather than on a motorway and that the other tyres that needed replacing were identified.

Positive mindset

A punctured tyre is a small challenge in the whole scale of life. But it’s how we deal with the minor irritations that frames how we deal with the much bigger challenges. Bad stuff happens to us all. What’s important is how we react to it. In every negative situation there’s always a positive if we only look for it.

Business and life in general is full of highs and lows – excitements, successes, disappointments and challenges. It’s how we choose to react to them that matters and how quickly we bounce back from the lows. I call it “bouncebackability!”

Having a positive mindset really helps me to deal with the curveballs that will come my way at some stage. It’s a half full rather than half empty glass mentality that matters. Developing a positive attitude takes time and work. Reading self-development books, listening to audios and surrounding ourselves with positive, like-minded people helps hugely. According to Jim Rohn,widely recognised as a personal development legend, you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Make sure they are positive influences.

Positive mindset

So Pretty’s back on the road and driving me forward on my journey. If you’d like to read more of my journey then take a look at my blog

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