Why looking after our bodies is so important

Why looking after our bodies is so important

The last couple of weeks I’ve been grounded. During this time I’ve learned a valuable and key lesson – I need to look after my body and share why looking after our bodies is so important.

Having enjoyed three enjoyable games of golf in four days my knee shouted ‘enough!’

In fact I’ve ignored the messages that my knee has been giving me for some time – soreness, stiffness and I’ve been unable to crouch down to read putts on the golf course. The other tell-tale sign was noticing pain when I went down stairs.

Things finally came to a head when I expected my body to play more golf games than I usually do in a much shorter space of time. On one closing hole of my third round I stepped into the entrance of a rabbit burrow and by the end of the round I was hobbling.

When I returned home it was time to take action! With a background in sport I know that sports injuries are common, especially as we get older. I opted for the RICE approach – rest, ice, compression, elevation. Plus painkillers.

Why looking after our bodies is so important

The rest of the equation meant I had to sit or preferably lie down, strap my knee with icepacks (there’s some great reusable ones on the market or frozen peas is an alternative) and elevate it, usually with cushions under the knee.

As I was unable to walk properly or go up or downstairs easily it was an ideal opportunity to catch up with reading, listening to audios and watching some TV. Thank goodness for some excellent Wimbledon viewing!

Why looking after our bodies is so important

After several days the heat in my knee reduced. I then started using a TENS machine as part of my treatment. These little machines are great at reducing pain. They conduct electric pulses through sticky patches which in my case were attached to my knee. The machine really helped and soon allowed me to start including some gentle exercises to improve the knee’s mobility.

I’m now able to drive and walking is much easier. Gentle exercises in the swimming pool have helped, as well as a good dose of patience.

What’s this chapter taught me? To listen to my intuition and my body far more in the future. Importantly that my business still continues and I can earn an income whether I’m grounded or fully fit.

Looking after our bodies is so important for other reasons other than work. If we don’t it can severely restrict our home lives and affects the people closest to us. Every day I feel grateful I started a plan B business (which is now my plan A) before I needed it and that I can work from my home office or anywhere with wifi and have the flexibility to choose when I work. And still have a recurring income whether I’m working or not.

If you’re looking for a more flexible lifestyle and would like to find out more then click here.

Why looking after our bodies is so important

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